Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, just been very busy! We got to find out on the 16th that we are having a little boy! He is sooo sweet, he was jumping around all over the place! The ultrasound tech said that he has really long legs, but she couldn't do any measurments since it was just an elective ultrasound to find out the gender ( I will get the measurement u/s in a couple of weeks) I love him sooo much! We are all very excited, I believe we are going to name him Parker James... I never knew how stressful it would be picking out a NAME for someone... that is a big deal! But we both love the name and agree on it and I think it will be great for him throughout his whole life! I hope he likes it! =) Here is our beautiful little boy!

Here is his little profile!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boy or Girl?

So I am sooo excited that I get to find out tonight if this little baby inside of me is a boy or girl! It's just crazy to think that I will KNOW in 8 hours! =) So before we find out, here is everyone's guesses.

Me- boy
Mom- girl
Jared- boy
Kathy- girl
KJ- boy
Aunt Lynn- boy
Britney- boy
Brinna- girl
Marriah- boy
Bear- boy
Ashli- girl
Taylor- girl
Danae'- girl
Aunt Lennie- boy
Lisa S- girl
Aunt Tracey- girl
Uncle Jason- girl
Coleen- boy
Breea- girl
Lesley- boy
Shana- boy
Brandy- boy

We will know soon! YAY! =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Family Blog!

I decided to create a blog before the baby gets here, so that I will be used to it and I will try to keep everyone updated! We have officially moved into our house in Benton, I love it! I'm working 40 hours a week right now and not getting paid!! (clinicals) But the upside is, I will be graduated in 10 months and actually making money for doing this! I am going to post a pic here on my first ultrasound, this was May 13th so I was only 7 weeks pregnant, you can't really tell that it's even a baby but it is, the heartrate was 138 BPM. Here is the picture!
On the 16th I am going to find out if I'm having a girl or boy! I can't wait, we are all soo excited! I will definitely post the u/s picture of that and tell everyone if it's a boy or girl. I'll be happy with either! I do keep having dreams that it is a boy though! I had one girl dream but all the rest were boy! I guess we will see on Thursday! =) That is all the updates I have for now!