Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are Family

We decided to take a goofy picture at our weekly cookout this week and well, I think we succeeded... I love that we get together every Wednesday, it's good for us and it's good for the kiddos.

Kollins watching Parker

So Thursday after I took Parker to preschool to help put together watch Tim and his cousin put together the new patio furniture we got at Menards a few weeks ago. After all their hard work, we grilled out and had a great lunch before I had to go to work.

All Done!

I must say it was nice, Tim works all week and I work all weekend so we normally don't get to do things during the day and it was perfect weather as well. I have next weekend off, it will be my first weekend off since December and I can't wait to see what it has it store =)

Happiness Is...

                                  Happiness is Jumping On The Bed

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Living in the Now

We went to the park to meet our besties on Wednesday and it was the perfect day. It was warm, there was a nice breeze, and the boys were pretty well behaved. I love this age. They know they are buddies, they laugh at each other, and they must have a secret language because I sure couldn't understand what they were saying that was so funny.

We knew one day they would be this big. We talked about it when they were just little babies playing on a blanket... "Oh, just wait 'til they get bigger. They are going to be best friends, they are gonna be little trouble makers..." We were right. It's thrilling and heart breaking at the same time, because it came so quick..

Now we don't talk about when they get "older", because deep down we know in the blink of an eye that day will be here. As they enter Kindergarten, we will be talking about when they were "little" 2 year old boys, running and playing at the park. So we live in the now and we hope it doesn't fly by too fast, all the while knowing it will.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Week

We had a good week. I always feel better about coming to work on Saturdays when my week has been good. It was revival week at our church, so Monday they had an event called "Touch A Truck." They had all kinds of vehicles there from helicopters to tractors and you could climb up in them and let me tell you, this was Parker's paradise. He loves trucks, tractors, cars, anything with wheels!

It was such a fun activity for us, and it was nice to get to go to church! I work every Sunday so that makes it hard, so having church in the week was great. By the way, here is Parker's version of "Jesus Loves Me"... "Cheesus Cheesus Cheessus Bible Bible Cheesus" haha He tries!

On Wednesday night we babysat Kadence & Kollins! Parker loved having them over, but didn't like sharing his toys. He had to learn a lesson in sharing, because he wasn't being very nice!

The rest of our week was just nice and relaxing, and the best part was sleeping in! Ever since I moved him back into his crib, he sleeps until 9:30! That's an extra 2 hours of sleep, I'm loving it! I guess it must be the security, because I don't know what else it would be. Anyways, I'm hoping next week will be just as good!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Parent Fail?

This is how my day started out yesterday, with my little boy happy and silly, like usual. We had a good morning of watching Winnie the Pooh and The Smurfs, then we had lunch and then it was the dreaded nap time. I don't know about you all with toddlers, but nap time has been horrible for us lately. I moved Parker to a toddler bed in December. Why? Because I thought he was ready. I think I was wrong. He does fine decent at bedtime, but naptime is a whole different ballgame. I warn him 5 minutes before that it is almost naptime. I give him a sippy cup of milk, his night-night and he goes and climbs into bed. Within 5 minutes I hear him up playing in his room. I put him back in bed. Immediately after walking down the hall he is up again. I put him back in bed. This goes on for an hour until I am completely frustrated and I realize a nap is not in the cards. What is ironic is he takes naps at school like a champ, no fuss.

Because of the no-nap situation, around 4:00 he turns into a grumpy boy monster. Every.little.thing sets him off, the fits starts, the time outs are non stop, and we are both exhausted. Tim got there around 6:30 with pizza, and Parker was in his highchair. Within 5 minutes, Parker was out cold in his highchair. You would think this is a good thing, but it's not. If I wake him up, he will freak out and if I let him sleep, he will be up in an hour crying. I let him sleep. He was up in 20 minutes screaming his head off, and nothing helped. Finally, after some coaxing and The Smurfs he calmed down.

So what do you think I did? I went into his room and started immediately putting his crib back together. I don't care if he is 5 years old and still in a crib, who is going to know? He was actually super happy about it, and went right to bed without making a noise. So maybe I was trying to rush my baby into becoming a big boy, and I don't even know why because that is definitely not what I want. However, I am glad I was able to admit to myself that it was a mistake and fix it, so hopefully it was not a complete Parent Fail.

Best friends

I'm sad to say that our best friends are moving away =( We went over to play last week and it was so fun to watch Parker and Carder play, but a little sad at the same time. It's only 3 hours away, but with our other best friends living 6 hours away it's a bummer. The good news is, this will put them in the "middle" so we can all meet up there to visit!

I finally gave Parker his big Easter present and he loves it! Of course, he can't say truck so it's "car car car!"
Hi mommy!

Tim trying to teach him how to steer

It was a lot of fun watching him, but when it was time to come in he was not a happy camper. He has started throwing these hilarious fits, he will jump up and down as hard as he can and "cry." I just ignore him until he stops, but that is a little difficult sometimes, and impossible in public. The Terrible Two's are a very real thing, but that will be a whole other post I will have to try to get to today!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend

Dying eggs is so much fun

I must say, having a Saturday off for the first time in 4 months was wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful. My sister and brother-in-law got here from Ohio on Friday and we were sooo glad to see them =) This is the first time I had seen my sister in person since December and her belly is really sticking out there now, I love it. That's my nephew in there! He even kicked my hand, so precious.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning to get ready to take my sister's maternity pictures. I will post a few of those later. Parker wanted to open his Easter basket, and he loved his new toys...

After that we went to Parker's first Easter Egg hunt. It was a blast. He someone knew exactly what he was supposed to do, and he got a ton of eggs.

After all of that fun stuff, I went to decorate for the shower. It went so smoothly, and they really seemed to enjoy it. My little nephew is going to be so spoiled, I can already tell.

                                     We took a picture of all of us siblings with our dad...

Herschel, Parker, and Dax!

I was sad that I had to go to work on Sunday, but after I got off Tim came over and we all got to sit around and talk. I felt bad because Tim's birthday was on the day of the baby shower so I didn't get to see him at all on his birthday! He didn't seem to mind, though, he understood =) Monday morning I had to say goodbye, which is never fun, but this time it was a little more exciting, because the next time I see my sister... she will be about to have baby Chase!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

I'm not even going to go into how horrible of a blogger I have been! And I'm not going to make any promises that I will get better either =) But, I'm here now, and blog I will...

Our "Spring" started in about February this year, which made me very happy. I love to be outside, and so does my very busy 2 year old! Getting to play outside every day for the past few months has been great. We have been going every Wednesday to J&J's house for cookouts and Parker & the twins love to run and play.

He loves his cousins so much. Another thing he loves? His trains! Oh my, he is all boy...

We've been going to the park a lot lately, and something we both enjoy is walking on the trails through the woods. I like it for the exercise, and Parker loves to explore...

Life is good. It really is. Things are great with Tim and I... he has become way more than a boyfriend, he is my best friend and I know finding that is rare so I will not take that for granted. I am still working every weekend, and while that is not fun I am thankful to have this job until another one comes up. I miss my church family a lot, and I am excited to find a job in which I will be able to attend church at least a few times a month.

This Saturday I will be throwing my sister a baby shower! I am so excited about it, and will definitely be posting pictures. I can't believe my nephew will be here in less than 11 weeks, it's unreal! I am soo ready to meet Chase Maddux =)