Wednesday, November 25, 2009

35 Weeks!

Only 5 more weeks to go! Hopefully less! As of last night, I am 1 cm dilated and 50% efaced, the nurse said there was no way I would make it to my due date, so that makes me happy! I am pretty swollen in my hands, legs, and feet and my BP is a little high, AND I have some protein in my urine, so they are watching me since I may have preeclampsia! Other than that, Parker is doing great, kicking like crazy as always! I am having contractions, but usually no more than 3 an hour...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am so blessed to have a wonderful family to spend it with! We are going to grandpa's around 3 or 4, and I'm excited about all of that yummy food!! I can't believe that Christmas is a month away, hopefully I will have my greatest Christmas present ever by then!

Monday, November 2, 2009

32 Weeks... and 4D U/S Pictures!

In 2 short days I will be 32 weeks pregnant... that means only 8 more weeks to go! It seems crazy to think that next month I will be a mommy... I can't wait! His room is all done, except for the changing table is not fully assembled! We discovered a piece missing while putting it together and we are still waiting for it to get here...Other than that, we have everything we need for him which is a relief! I will post pictures of his room after I get the changing table together. My last day of school is December 8th, so I will hopefully catch up on some rest before Parker's arrival. I don't have to be back at school until February 1st so that will be a nice long break, although I am sure I won't want to go back!

Here are Parker's 4D Ultrasound pictures that we had taken about a month ago, I was 28 weeks pregnant then and it seems just like yesterday, so I hope that time continues to fly!

We think he is trying to suck his thumb here

His mouth is open in this one! So CooL!

Here he is sleeping peacefully!

My baby boy