Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flintstone Boy

Lately Parker has been obsessed with going outside and riding his tricycle. Now, he doesn't pedal it, but instead uses his feet on the ground like a Flintstone haha. He is so fast, though, I have to job to keep up with him! I am trying to teach him to use the pedals, but he prefers his feet on the ground so we go with it.

Parker likes to come into my room in the morning and cuddle for a few minutes before we get up for the day. Let me tell you, that is one of my favorite parts of the day. He usually faces my and he will put his hands on either side of my face and say (in the tiniest, sweetest voice) Hi =) I guess you just have to be there, it is adorable. Anyways, I guess he didn't remember that it was Saturday today because my mom said when he woke up this morning he ran into my room saying "Momma, Momma!" It sorta makes me feel bad that he misses me when I'm gone, but I love coming home to his hugs when I get off.

Playing in the bath tub =)

We had to buy a backpack for school, and he loves it. I'm a fan as well hehe. When we take the backpack home on weekends he will bring the backpack to us and say "School, school" in a very convincing voice, trying to say it's time for school. He does not like when you explain to him that it's not a school day. I am so blessed that he loves his preschool, he gets so excited when we get there and runs right over to the sensory table to do whatever is there that day.

Parker and Kadence playing in his room after church

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Parker made me the sweetest little art project at school for Mother's Day =) Best present ever!

I love being a mom. I knew from the time I was a little girl that I was made to be a mommy. Yes, there are days when I want to pull my hair out, but one little smile from my little man and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Thankfully the speech therapy has finally started to work. Parker talks non-stop now and it is so funny. Of course, to the average person, a lot of it probably sounds like jabbering but he is getting there. The other night he was climing up on my lap, then back down, then back up, over and over again. I said "Oh honey!" and he looks over his shoulder at me in the cutest little voice says "hoooneey!" haha He knows how to make me smile, that's for sure.

He has finally started to use sentences, and his first one was "My want it!" and he uses that a lot. While driving in the car, typically he talks the whole time and usually it goes a little like this "What's that? A bug. My want it! What's that? A car. What's that? A boat. Me!" As you can see, he answers himself mostly.

Happy Mother's Day to all, and especially to my wonderful mother who has always been there for me and taught me to be the mother that I am today.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee!

We took a weekend getaway trip to Nashville, Tennessee and it was so much fun. Friday night we went to eat at Demo's and Saturday we went  ziplining! We had never been and it was actually a blast, scary but fun.

We went to the Opry Mills Mall after ziplining, I forgot how big it is! I really wish we had a mall with that many stores close to us. After shopping we went to see "The Lucky One" at the movie theater in the mall and it was a good movie, but not nearly as good as the previews looked. That's always disappointing, but it was still nice.

Sunday we went downtown to walk around and check some things out before heading back to good ol' Southern Illinois! The best part of Sunday, was that we stopped in Paducah on our way home to eat at Olive Garden... haha

Sometimes it is good to get away, even if it's just for the weekend. We had a great time just enjoying each others company and not having anything we HAD to do. It was also nice to have a weekend off for the first time since December! It was definitely hard to come back to work yesterday, I can tell you that. =)