Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Bad Boo-Boo

So let me just say that I feel like an absolutely horrible mother right now. I was sitting on the couch and Parker was playing about 2 feet from me. He went to grab my coat that was on the kitchen chair and somehow fell on the process, and his scream was HORRIFIC! I knew instantly that he was really hurt. I ran over to him and picked him up, trying to find what he had hit and I see it. BLOOD pouring from the corner of his eye. I was panicked surprisingly calm, although inside I was freaking out. I grabbed a napkin and placed it on there gently, and bounced him around trying to distract him until he stopped crying. After a few minutes, he had forgotten about it and was playing. But it looks pretty bad, it was an instant black eye and dried blood was all over it.

Yea, it looks horrible, I know. Can you see the little tear on his face =( So anyways, I called my dad and had him pick up some butterfly bandaids and I put some peroxide, then neosporin, then his little bandaids on his eye. He was such an angel, never even tried to get away or make a fuss, it was like he knew I needed to do that to make it feel better. I of course gave him tylenol too, I'm sure it had to give him a little bit of a headache if nothing else!

As you can see, he got over it pretty quickly but I get upset everytime I see it. He went down for his nap about an hour ago so I'm hoping he will feel even better when he gets up. On the upside of things, I lost another 2 lbs, so in total I've lost 8 lbs in the past few weeks (lost 62 lbs since Parker's birth)! Only 13 lbs til I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight WOO HOO Florida here I come! =)


  1. Parker is a real trooper; so sorry about his boo boo! You are doing great with the weight loss. That is hard work. Congratulations!! --Vickie

  2. poor little guy!! looks like he is happy though :)
    congrats on the weight loss, sounds like you are doing awesome! keep it up girly!!

  3. Oh man! It happens...remember Logan on the playground...You are still an awesome mom!! That's great about the weight loss too! Go You!

  4. Isn't this the worst...having to watch our babies get hurt :-( And yes, the guilt is torturous as well. My Little One got his first "bleeder" the other day at my Mom's...he fell face first on her concrete patio and busted open his lip. I'm just glad I wasn't there to see it happen...poor Mammam! It's also quite remarkable how quickly they heal afterward.


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