Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Family Blog!

I decided to create a blog before the baby gets here, so that I will be used to it and I will try to keep everyone updated! We have officially moved into our house in Benton, I love it! I'm working 40 hours a week right now and not getting paid!! (clinicals) But the upside is, I will be graduated in 10 months and actually making money for doing this! I am going to post a pic here on my first ultrasound, this was May 13th so I was only 7 weeks pregnant, you can't really tell that it's even a baby but it is, the heartrate was 138 BPM. Here is the picture!
On the 16th I am going to find out if I'm having a girl or boy! I can't wait, we are all soo excited! I will definitely post the u/s picture of that and tell everyone if it's a boy or girl. I'll be happy with either! I do keep having dreams that it is a boy though! I had one girl dream but all the rest were boy! I guess we will see on Thursday! =) That is all the updates I have for now!

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