Saturday, August 27, 2011

I should be sleeping...

I should be sleeping, but I needed to blog before I could get any rest! I have too many things going through my head. I will start with yesterday. Parker's ears didn't seem to be getting better so I took him back to the Dr. He had already taken 2 courses of oral antibiotics and he just could NOT get rid of it. Dr. B recommended an antibiotic shot, which I agreed to only after she told me that he would be totally better by the next day. They told me these shots would hurt, not like vaccinations but much worse. Exactly what I wanted to hear. One in each leg, he screamed sooo hard and we had to stay for 20 minutes afterwards and he screamed the whole time. Poor baby. So we have been referred to the ENT to discuss getting tubes in his ears. She really thinks it would be best for him, and I have to say that I agree. I can't stand another ear infection, this is 6 in the past year and each time he has had to have two rounds of oral antibiotics. Not good. So wish us luck in that...

So last night Parker stayed home with papa and I went to the football game to help Jami with the twins. They did so good at their first football game, I was sad that Parker couldn't go but I know he will be able to the rest of the season and he needed his rest!

Today I had THREE photo sessions! Which are always a ton of fun, but also a little exhausting. But we wanted to go to the state fair anyways, so we did! I'll have to post pictures of that later because I haven't even put them on the computer yet. We did go to McDonald's playland today, I have a few pics of my little cutie from there...

Life is good. I have to go get some rest now, we have church in the morning and I don't want to be tired!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let me show you how...

Here girls, Let me show you how to work this toy...

I love how Parker is starting to show the girls how to play, now that they are getting bigger. They came over on Sunday after church and he even let them play with his favorite toy! We did have to remind him to be gentle, but he really was so good to them. And I think they are definitely going to look up to him, Kadence especially loved watching his every move!

Also, as you can see, both girls can sit up all by themselves now!! I am so proud of them, now at 6 months old you can hardly even tell that they were born premature, and they are meeting all of their milestones so well.

Speaking of that, Parker is now the proud big cousin of ANOTHER set of twin girls! His Aunt Sarah had twin girls on Sunday. Their names are Alexa and Liya and they were 3 lbs 12 oz and 4 lbs 3 oz! So tiny and so cute! They weren't due until October 8th so they have a long road ahead of them, but luckily they are both healthy and in a great hospital in St. Louis so they are being taken care of. I haven't had a chance to go see them yet, but here is a couple of pictures!

Alexa Marie

Liya Rose

Please keep Parker in your prayers, he has yet another ear infection. I am taking him to see Dr. B tomorrow to get him on another antibiotic, but I hate it because this will be the 3rd antibiotic in 2 weeks! I hate to think of him getting tubes in his ears, but if it would make the ear infections stop it would be worth it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

20 Months Old

I missed Parker's 20 months post (which was the 3rd) but I DID take pictures, of course.

Parker, what can I say. You are getting so big, I know I always so that but you really are. The days are slipping through my fingers so fast and sometimes I just want to stop time so I can enjoy you, because you change everyday. With each day you learn something new, and with each day I see a glimpse of the little boy you are becoming. You are a sweetheart, always coming to give me a kiss or hug just when I need it. You are a cuddler, when you want to be. You love dinosaurs and if you don't have one handy you will pretend whatever you do have is one. You love to roar. You love movies. You are sympathetic to the characters in your movie, you get upset when they get upset, you laugh when they say something funny. You have such a sense of humor. I love everything about you, but mostly I love that you still have some baby left in you. You still need your mommy to come get you out of bed in the morning, and to cuddle with you on the couch at night. To say your prayers with you, and kiss your boo boos. I love you Parker James, so much, and I am so lucky to have you.

Awful Beautiful Life

I know, I know, it's been awhile. But hey, I'm trying, our life has changed quite a bit in the past month. It has been one month since I lost my job. Nope, still haven't found another one yet somehow I am okay with that right now. I trust that God's timing is perfect and He knows what is best for us, so I just have to wait on Him. And try to be patient. Afterall, we still have income coming in. I do get unemployment compensation, and while it is not nearly as much as I was bringing it, it is still plenty to pay all the bills as well as provide for Parker and myself, so I have nothing to complain about.

The best part of all of this? I get to spend a TON of time with Parker. I love every minute of it. I did start school this week so I will have to be away from him on Mondays & Wednesdays, but it's great to be with him every other day. However, he has been testing me a little bit.

For instance... Tuesday. I wish I would've taken pictures, but I was too baffled to do so. Parker has not been the best about taking naps lately, but I still make him lay in his room for at least an hour. He doesn't cry, or whine, he plays. With his blankies and his toys, and mostly just roars like a dinosaur. It's actually pretty cute. So he had been in his bed for about 30 minutes, roaring away when I thought it smelled like he had pooped. So I go back there to change him, and he was standing up completely naked from the waist down, smiling great big. He had pooped in his diaper, taken it off, and then peed on his pillow. I threw the pillow and the sheet away, it was too gross...

What makes a child do these things? Why did he think it was so funny? I certainly did not. What can you do, right?