Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

We had a great Christmas this year, I feel so blessed to be a part of a loving family that enjoys getting together for the holidays. This Christmas, we also joined Tim's family on Christmas Eve and we felt so welcome. Parker loved playing with all of the kids, he joined right in...

We didn't get home until late on Christmas Eve, so Parker did not want to wake up Christmas morning! I had to drag him out of bed so we could get to church on time.

I think once he woke up, he was pretty surprised and very happy...

We went to church right after we woke up and then came back to open all of the presents up. While I think he would've been happy with just the tricycle, the workshop, and his slinky- he did love the other presents, too.

Later that day we went to my grandparent's house for Christmas with the whole family. Kadence & Kollins are getting so big, and on Christmas Eve, Kollins took her first few steps. Parker loves to play with them now, although he's not always into sharing.

After that Parker was tired, so he went home with his Nana so he could get to bed! Tim and I went to my Aunt & Uncle's house to play cards for awhile. As you can see, we had a busy Christmas full of family and laughter, and I know Parker loved every minute.
Cookies for Santa


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Boy Bed!

Last week I decided to convert Parker's crib into a toddler bed. He wasn't trying to climb out yet, but right now bed time is a good thing in his mind so I decided to go with it. Plus, I want to start potty training in the next few months and feel that would go better if he could get out of bed to go. I made a huge deal out of it, bought him a comforter set with dinosaurs (his favorite) and he loves it!

First night I told him it was time to go to bed, he grabbed his night-night and cup of milk and ran into his bed. He loves that he can get in and out of it himself. He didn't try to get out once and slept through the night his first night in a big boy bed!

I will say naps are a little bit of a different story. He definitely pushes his limits, getting out of bed and sneaking around playing in his room but when I tell him to get back in bed, he does. It takes about 3 times of him getting out before he falls asleep but that isn't too bad! I also bought a walk through baby gate to put at his door, and I love it. We have never used a baby gate before, but he is into EVERYTHING and I didn't want to worry about him sneaking out in our apartment in the middle of the night getting into who knows what.

I can not believe how big he is getting, I want to believe he is still my baby but he tries to prove me wrong on a daily basis. He learns new words constantly, and while they are still hard for the average person to understand I know exactly what he's saying. His news words are "Spongebob, Elmo, Night-Night, See-ya, Jared, and Inside." Since he has started his speech therapy he has improved significantly and I am so thankful for that. =)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have no excuse...

I have no excuse for not blogging the past 4 months, so I won't try to make any up =) I will fill you in on the highlights and try to get back on track

Parker did get tubes in his ears and we (knock on wood) have not had any ear infections since then! He did so great getting them in, it was definitely worth it.

I met my wonderful boyfriend at the end of August... his name is Tim and he is everything I was looking for =) Funny how that happens when you're least expecting it.

Sadly, in September, my great grandma Idella passed away at the age of 89. I had the honor of sitting beside her hospital bed, holding her hand, while she passed on from this life to the next. She was surrounded by her family and she went peacefully. I'm sure she is watching over Parker and I, and although I miss her terribly I know she is in a much better, perfect place.

Grammy & the twins August 2011

Parker was a monkey for Halloween. We had a pumpkin carving party with Addyson and Wilson, before their big move to Ohio =( We miss them a lot, but it was what was best for their family so we understand...

November was pretty uneventful. I did get a lot of cute pictures of Parker, love the fall leaves!

And here we are in December!! Parker's birthday party was a success, lot of friends and family came out to celebrate and we had a great time.

We went on the Santa train, that was a lot of fun considering Parker is obsessed with trains right now. He also ate his first candy cane, and he of course loved it.

And I'll leave you with my new favorite picture of Carder, Kinley, and Parker! Everytime they get together the picture gets even more adorable!!