Saturday, June 4, 2011

18 Months Old

You are 18 Months Old (yesterday) I can't believe it. I know I always say that, but really, I can't believe it. My little baby, so big. Yesterday was a school day for you and I had to work, but afterwards I took you swimming at Aunt Jami's. Your first swim of the summer. Guess what? You LOVED it. Of course. However, you kept trying to swim away from me and I didn't have any floaties for you so that wasn't possible. You are so brave.

On the 2nd you peed in the potty for the first time. You were so excited about it, you were even clapping for yourself. I guess we may try potty training here soon, an adventure for both of us I'm sure. While you are learning more words, you don't find in necessary to use them very often because you tend to get what you want no matter what. I try to get you to use your words more often, but you're just so cute that I have to give you what you want! One day you'll be talking my ear off, so I'm pretty content with where you are. Wednesday we are going to get your curls cut off... I'm excited and a little bit sad about it. However, you are starting to get a mullet so it's gotta go. =) I love you so much and I could talk forever about all the silly things you do to make me smile. My favorite is when I come in the door and you run right to me giggling up and storm, I pick you up and you wrap your little arms right around my head and give me the biggest hug! Sometimes you stay like that for a minute or more and you'll look at me for a second, then just keep on hugging and laughing. You are so sweet!

The sad news is a little boy at school bit you right on the arm yesterday. I know kids do this but it broke my heart to know it happened to you, especially when I wasn't there to make you feel better =( It even left a big bruise..

We leave for Florida in 6 days (where I will take your "official" 18 month photos) and I am so happy to have a whole week with you. No school for you, no work for me, just lounging on the beach and in the pool...

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