Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee!

We took a weekend getaway trip to Nashville, Tennessee and it was so much fun. Friday night we went to eat at Demo's and Saturday we went  ziplining! We had never been and it was actually a blast, scary but fun.

We went to the Opry Mills Mall after ziplining, I forgot how big it is! I really wish we had a mall with that many stores close to us. After shopping we went to see "The Lucky One" at the movie theater in the mall and it was a good movie, but not nearly as good as the previews looked. That's always disappointing, but it was still nice.

Sunday we went downtown to walk around and check some things out before heading back to good ol' Southern Illinois! The best part of Sunday, was that we stopped in Paducah on our way home to eat at Olive Garden... haha

Sometimes it is good to get away, even if it's just for the weekend. We had a great time just enjoying each others company and not having anything we HAD to do. It was also nice to have a weekend off for the first time since December! It was definitely hard to come back to work yesterday, I can tell you that. =)

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