Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to the World Chase!

I went to bed Saturday night at 11:30 and at 2:35AM woke to a call from my brother-in-law telling me my sister's water had broke! I was so excited. Only problem is, we live in Southern Illinois and they live in Columbus Ohio.. so they're about 6-7 hours away. I called my dad and we left as soon as we could. After a long drive, we arrived at 11:25 in the parking lot of the hospital. My adorable nephew was born at 11:29AM, 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 in long!

I am so glad we got to be there, he is absolutely precious, and I think they are pretty proud of him!

My dad got to hold him first, then I held him, then we let all of Andrew's family have a turn ;)

What a great Father's Day present for Andrew! After we got to hold Chase my dad and I went out to eat and Olive Garden so they could get settled into their permanent room. When we returned to the room he was all cleaned up and just as adorable as ever. He makes more little noises than any newborn baby I've ever seen, even in his sleep it sounds like he's singing to himself. That evening we made our way back to Sis and Andrew's house to clean up (her water broke in bed!) and get some sleep then came back the next morning...

I really didn't want to leave, but I had to be at work at 9PM so we had to leave around 1:00. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, even knowing I'll be back in a few weeks. He will change so much in that time, and I'd love to be closer to help my sister out, but I will just have to be happy with the time I get with them. Parker loves his cousin Chase, he hasn't met him yet but he loves to kiss his picture it is about the sweetest thing ever. Welcome to the world Chase Maddux!

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