Saturday, July 7, 2012


Parker has newfound Independence in so many things lately. His speech has improved greatly, while he isn't saying many sentences, he is able to express exactly what he wants (for the most part) and he is loving it. So am I... most of the time.

The picture above of him looking so innocent and sweet was only moments before a major fit. We were out to eat with my mom and her friend Lynn, when we got to the restaurant he wanted to sit in booster seat in the booth with nana. We had never sat in a booster seat, but I told him if he would sit there and be good he could. That lasted about 5 minutes. He then wanted to get up, I told him if he got up he would have to sit in a highchair. After 3 warnings, I got a highchair and put him in it... oh my. We were that family with the ridiculously screaming child, flailing arms and legs and screaming "my chair, my chair, my chair!" I am not sure if I have ever been that embarrassed. I told Parker to either stop crying, or I was taking him home. He would not stop crying so we left... even more embarrassing. Luckily we hadn't ordered  yet. He cried for about 10 minutes on the way home and I tried to explain to him why we left, but I'm not sure if he quite understood. All I know is, I hope this never happens again!

In more exciting news, we had a great 4th of July. Tim and I went to my friend Brandy's pool party during the day (was way too hot for Parker at 106 degrees!)

Miss Lennon

That evening, we went to Tim's brother's house for a barbeque and Parker had so much fun. He got to swim with Tim's niece and nephew and he thought he was so big. This is the first time he has gone swimming without his puddle jumper, just a little ring and I was so proud of him.

Parker and Bella

Parker, Bella, and Matthew

Mommy's Boy!

Tim and I
We have had quite an eventful few weeks, it has been so hot here but that hasn't slowed us down too much. We are supposed to get a break from the heat next week, and I think everyone is more than ready. We haven't had this long of a heat wave in Southern Illinois since 1936!

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