Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grant's Farm & Family Pictures

We went to Grant's Farm in St. Louis and we had so much fun. Parker got to bottle feed the goats, we were able to see so many different animals, including the famous Clydesdales!

Every year we do "October Birthdays" at my grandpa's house, usually in the pole barn if it's warm enough. This year it was beautiful outside and we had planned ahead of time to take a "cousin" picture. The last one was taken when I was 12! Unfortunately one of my cousins couldn't make it so I am waiting on the picture of her to photoshop her in before posting it, but I can post some of the other pictures.

My Brother, Parker, My Dad, My Mom and Me!

Grandpa Cecil, Jared, Parker, Kollins & Kadence... right before Kate the mule tried to buck the kids off! (No one was hurt!)

Parker & Uncle Jared

Parker and Great Papa Cecil

Hugs for Kollins

Ring Around the Rosey

We are so blessed to have our family so close, I am thankful that Parker gets to grow up playing on grandpa's farm with his cousins the same way I did.

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