Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best friends

I'm sad to say that our best friends are moving away =( We went over to play last week and it was so fun to watch Parker and Carder play, but a little sad at the same time. It's only 3 hours away, but with our other best friends living 6 hours away it's a bummer. The good news is, this will put them in the "middle" so we can all meet up there to visit!

I finally gave Parker his big Easter present and he loves it! Of course, he can't say truck so it's "car car car!"
Hi mommy!

Tim trying to teach him how to steer

It was a lot of fun watching him, but when it was time to come in he was not a happy camper. He has started throwing these hilarious fits, he will jump up and down as hard as he can and "cry." I just ignore him until he stops, but that is a little difficult sometimes, and impossible in public. The Terrible Two's are a very real thing, but that will be a whole other post I will have to try to get to today!

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