Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Week

We had a good week. I always feel better about coming to work on Saturdays when my week has been good. It was revival week at our church, so Monday they had an event called "Touch A Truck." They had all kinds of vehicles there from helicopters to tractors and you could climb up in them and let me tell you, this was Parker's paradise. He loves trucks, tractors, cars, anything with wheels!

It was such a fun activity for us, and it was nice to get to go to church! I work every Sunday so that makes it hard, so having church in the week was great. By the way, here is Parker's version of "Jesus Loves Me"... "Cheesus Cheesus Cheessus Bible Bible Cheesus" haha He tries!

On Wednesday night we babysat Kadence & Kollins! Parker loved having them over, but didn't like sharing his toys. He had to learn a lesson in sharing, because he wasn't being very nice!

The rest of our week was just nice and relaxing, and the best part was sleeping in! Ever since I moved him back into his crib, he sleeps until 9:30! That's an extra 2 hours of sleep, I'm loving it! I guess it must be the security, because I don't know what else it would be. Anyways, I'm hoping next week will be just as good!

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