Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living in the Now

We went to the park to meet our besties on Wednesday and it was the perfect day. It was warm, there was a nice breeze, and the boys were pretty well behaved. I love this age. They know they are buddies, they laugh at each other, and they must have a secret language because I sure couldn't understand what they were saying that was so funny.

We knew one day they would be this big. We talked about it when they were just little babies playing on a blanket... "Oh, just wait 'til they get bigger. They are going to be best friends, they are gonna be little trouble makers..." We were right. It's thrilling and heart breaking at the same time, because it came so quick..

Now we don't talk about when they get "older", because deep down we know in the blink of an eye that day will be here. As they enter Kindergarten, we will be talking about when they were "little" 2 year old boys, running and playing at the park. So we live in the now and we hope it doesn't fly by too fast, all the while knowing it will.

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