Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny

Easter can be so much fun! We took Parker, Kadence, & Kollins to see the Easter bunny and he really loved him. I knew he wouldn't cry or be scared, because let's face it, Parker is not scared of anything. However, I wasn't sure if we would be able to get a picture of him smiling with him... boy was I wrong. He was actually giggling pretty much the whole time. Of course, Kadence & Kollins could've cared less, but they took some pretty pictures in their matching easter dresses.

Giving the Easter bunny a hug goodbye!
I am so in love with the fact that Parker has 2 cousins so close in age to him. Also, Parker's Aunt Sarah (Matt's sister) is due with twins this October! He is going to have TWO sets of twin cousins, what a lucky little boy. =) Hopefully Sarah will have at least one boy so he isn't surrounded by girls hehe.

Yesterday we met Matt at the mall so he could get Parker new shoes for Easter (he wanted to get him a basket full of candy... I suggested shoes lol.) They are so cute and Parker thought he was big stuff! I didn't even know Under Armour made shoes, but I love the breathable material for summer and you don't have to tie the laces, woo hoo!
Love them! =)

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