Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Baaack

Sorry I have been MIA lol I had the past FIVE days off with Parker and I decided to enjoy it! I spent as little time on a computer as I could, but it was still a lot because I had quite a few photo sessions to edit. Last weekend I did Mini Spring sessions with baby chicks and that left me with a lot of editing to do this week. However, I got all of the sessions edited but 2, and I plan on finishing them by tomorrow because I have a 1 year session afer work Sunday! If you wanna check out my Photography blog it's HERE or my photography site is HERE. I've had so much fun with it, I honestly just LOVE taking photos, editing them, everything.

Wednesday I started the Couch to 5K (C25K). I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't easy and my lungs felt like they were about to explode but I did it! I was so proud. Thursday we met Bethany & Carder at the park. First we took pictures of the  boys in their matching outfits we bought a few months ago, then we went walking around. Final distance 2.9 miles. Yay for us! We are planning on meeting every Thursday now to do this. Last night I did my second day of C25K and it was surprisingly easier. I didn't feel like my lungs were going to explode, although it was still pretty hard. I felt so accomplished afterwards. Bethany & I are planning on running at 5K in June and I can't believe it. If you told me a year ago I'd be preparing for a 5K I would have laughed, I've never been a runner but I find myself enjoying it. Here are some pics of our handsome little men.

Parker's daddy has been coming to see him more. It makes me happy for Parker, he gets so excited when he sees him and he has so much fun with him. I know it's good for him to have Matt around. We all met at the park Thursday after lunch with Bethany, Carder, Gina, & Gio and we had a blast. Parker even went down the big slide (with the help of his daddy lol.)

I promise to do better about blogging! It's so hard to do when the weather is so nice. I'm going to try to catch up on everyone's blogs at least a little bit. 

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