Sunday, May 22, 2011

Truly Great Friends

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

This quote kept popping into my head last night as my friends and I were standing in the movie theater parking lot. Each of us thinking of more topics to talk about, more things we needed to fill each other in on, more future plans to make with each other. None of us wanting to leave. We don't get enough time together, that's the truth.

Joy lives in Chicago... that's at least 5 hours away from us. Bethany is in nursing school full time. Gina works all the time, as do I. On top of all of our busy schedules, we all have beautiful children. As much as we love and adore them, they make things a little bit more difficult sometimes. Of course, without them, we never would have met.

We all went at Applebees last night for dinner. I never knew Applebees could be that much fun. Just sitting around talking, laughing, people pointing at us because we were "that table." We all needed that. Afterwards we went to see Bridesmaids. If you have not seen it, you definitely need to. I laughed so hard, it was great. Then, as I said before, we stood in the movie theater parking lot talking...

Like a bunch of teenage girls. Joy & Bethany even had their husbands pick them up, which made it seem that way even more. But we're not teenage girls, we are adults with responsibilites and children. So, no, we can't see each other every week, and sometimes not even every month. But that time away makes our time together even more exciting and fun...Truly great friends.

Joy, Me, Bethany, Gina

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