Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun times

So, last night turned out to be great! I'm so excited =) First off I got roses, how can you go wrong after that? lol Then we went to Bennies and to the movies to see "How Do You Know." It was an awesome movie, I laughed a lot. We also ran into Crystal & Josh so that was cool. I had a lot of fun.

Then I got home. LOL. My little angel does NOT like me to be away at bedtime. He doesn't mind when I work during the day, he will be as happy as can be. But he wants his mommy at bedtime. I love that he wants me to be the one to do our bedtime routine, until I can't be there to do it... which in turn makes me feel selfish for going out at all, because if he needs me, shouldn't I be there?

Our routine is really quite a long one, but it's the same everynight. I make supper, we sit down and eat supper, then I clean him up and let him down from the highchair to play until he gets fussy. Then, we run down the hall (yes, run, bathtime is very exciting in our house) and take a bath. The bath can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 20, depending on how good he's being, if he starts standing in the bath tub he knows that means we have to get out. After bath we get lotion and pajamas on, then we sit on the couch together and snuggle while watching TV. When he gets tired of that (usually around 8), I fix his bottle and hold him while he drinks it all. When the bottle is down we walk down the hallway to his bedroom while saying our prayers, I turn on the nightlight, lay him in his crib, cover him up, and say "Mommy loves you, goodnight." He goes RIGHT to sleep, never a fuss.

The story is a little different whenever my mom or dad is watching Parker. My dad swears if he lays Parker in his crib at night he cries, which may or may not be true, so he wants to rock him. Instead of Parker crying in his crib, he crys while my dad is wrestling him to sleep. So when he finally gets him to sleep last night ( at 7:20, a little early) he only sleeps for an hour and wakes up crying. I believe that is because he fell asleep in my dads arms and when he woke up he was in a different place. When I lay him down in his crib at night, he knows thats where he is going to wake up. Then my mom got off work and Parker was still awake, so she went to lay him down at 9:20 and SURPRISE, he rolled over and went right to sleep... who would've guessed that?

The PROBLEM was when I got home, got ready for bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow guess who was awake and crying? You guessed it. I have no doubt that he was waking up just to make sure I had made it home, so I went in his room to get him, he gave me the best little hug when I picked him up... I got him back to sleep, layed him back in his crib, and then I finally got to get some sleep. Hmm... maybe my future dates with Jared (name is finally released onto the blog! lol) should be earlier so that I can get Parker to bed? Maybe that's the key.


  1. Oh this post made me so happy! I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself last night. You deserved it! And roses? Wow! He passes the first "test", haha!

    Don't rearrange your dates to earlier in the evening, Parker will do fine. It's not like you do it every night. Once in a while is fine and he will adjust.

  2. I know right! lol I know he will be fine, I just hate it! and love it at the same time! lol


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