Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbye 22...

I will be 23 tomorrow! It sounds so much older than 22 for some reason... okay, maybe it doesn't but I think it does. 22 was a great year for me, in fact, I'd say it was my best year yet. Afterall, I got to spend it with Parker! He is so funny, I took him to a basketball game last night and he loved it. He went to quite a few last year too, but he mostly slept through them at that age lol. Everyone that sees Parker has to talk to him, and he absolutely LOVES it. If someone doesn't notice him, he is doing his best to get them to look his way, and when they do they get quite a show! I love it.

I'm working tonight til 11:30, but I'm off tomorrow for my birthday so that's nice, don't have any plans but thats okay. I am "talking" to someone (yes, I'm actually posting it on my blog! don't usually do that.. guess it's a good thing??) and we are going out Saturday evening to dinner and a movie, it will be nice to get out!

Anyways, I'll end the post with a picture of our "Elf on the Shelf" We named him Ollie, he watches Parker to make sure he is being good! It's a cute tradition to start!


  1. Happy birthday, sweetie! I have your card here. Sitting on my table. Ugh...I suck. I meant to mail it and it just didn't happen. I'm sorry. Know that I didn't forget and will be thinking of you. Call me sometime, I want to hear about this "talking" thing! haha


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