Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I wake up this morning to a beautiful, white, winter wonderland... well, that's what everyone calls it, I don't quite agree. If I were able to sit in my pajamas all day cozied under a blanket on the couch with Parker, maybe, but I had to be a grown up and go to work! Yuck!

This morning after getting dressed and ready, I run down the stairs to go out to the truck, try to stick the key in to unlock the door and it's frozen... run upstairs a few times getting hot water, which wasn't working and finally used a lighter to heat my key and THEN stick it in... SUCCESS. By this time I am FREEZING, I didn't have gloves or a hat on, my shoes and pants were soaking wet and my hair was pretty damn from all the "wonderful" falling snow. I had to go to work that way, I was already running late as it was.

Work today has been horrid. People in Southern Illinois do NOT know how to drive in the snow. I have no idea why, I just take my time and that usually works. But people want to rush and then they get in car wrecks, end up here at the hospital, and I have to do 9 CTs in a row because of it. I wish someone worked with me on the weekends, it sucks being the only person for Xray and CT when you have a lot of patients... Pity party is over! lol

So now is my week off. I am not scheduled ANY days this week so I have 5 days in a row off, assuming I don't get called in (which I usually do) But it will be nice to have those days off because Thursday is my BIRTHDAY! I'm actually not very excited, 23 is not a very exciting year and I don't have any plans to speak of. I will probably sit at home with Parker and watch Grey's Anatomy. =)

As much as I've complained about the snow, I am looking forward to taking Parker out to play in it. I am not sure what he will think of it but I really hope he likes it, maybe we can even build a little snowman! Pictures to come!

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