Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pictures with Santa

Yesterday was a very busy day, but very fun as well! Parker and I went to Carbondale with my mom to go try and finish up Christmas shopping (I ALMOST succeeded, only a few more gifts to get!) We went to Kohls, TJ Max, Rural King, the mall... I think that's it! We even took pictures with Santa. Parker did really good, so I of course had to buy the crazy expensive package that is ridiculously priced, considered she missed several good shots, and I wanted to take her camera away from her (that btw wasn't even a good camera lol) and just do it myself! The cutest one she missed is when Parker and Santa were looking up right at each other, and it was for a long time too my mom said ohh take that! and she said, I already got one (which she didn't!) Oh well, like I said she got some cute ones, but I could've done better!

He got a little pouty on the last pic, but he had been sitting up there awhile and I think he was getting scared that I was gonna leave him.

And of course I can't leave out the picture of Parker with Santa from last year! He was only 3 days old! How adorable is this!

Forgot to mention we also took Parker for his 1 year appointment with Dr. Bleichner. She is so great! He did cry after his shots, but like always was quickly over it and didn't act fussy at all afterwards. He is now 25 lbs and 32 inches, which is 96th percentile for height and 84th percentile for weight. Big boy! I think the shots made him a LITTLE tired... that or the shopping, either way this is how he ended up...

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