Sunday, February 6, 2011

9 days

NINE days in a row of work.. doesn't sound like TOO much unless you are used to working 2-3 days a week. I miss Parker!! Okay, so I still see him a lot but last night you could tell he really missed me. He kept coming up to me and loving on me and giving kisses, which is a rarity. His newest thing? Throwing fits! I don't know when this started, but if you tell him no or if he is playing by himself and can't figure something out, he goes crazy flapping his arms up and down and yelling! Not crying, yelling. I tried telling him that we don't act that way, but he of course didn't listen haha.

Jared came over last night and we ordered Applebee's carside to go! Yummy, and I didn't even cheat on my diet! Although I badly wanted to. I ordered a baked chicken breast with steamed broccoli. It was good, but Alfredo would've been better! Afterwards, we watched Beauty & The Beast. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... wow, what a great Saturday night. It was though. Parker sat there in between us not taking his eyes off the screen, occasionally laughing at his favorite parts. I can enjoy any movie when Parker will cuddle like that and hearing his little laugh is always priceless. We were all pretty tired, so we called it a night pretty early!

We're going to Johnny & Jessica's for the Superbowl later so that will be fun. I know Parker will be excited to get to play with Maddie, Ava, and Cohen! He won't know what to do with that many kids to play with.


  1. Those nights sound like our Saturday nights but I love them. I wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe he will start kissing and hugging more hanging around Aubrey. :)


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