Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today, my mom's best friend Lynn's daughter Courtney had her baby boy! I've known them all my life so they are basically family, we got to see baby Braiden when he was less than an hour old and boy was he sweet!! We didn't hold him (didn't even ask, I know how it is those first few days, I wanted to be the only one holding Parker!) just took gobs of pictures which I will post later! I miss the newborn days, but I also love these days. I can't imagine when people say they don't want any more children, even if they have 2 or more! (I know I'm in the minority here.) I can't imagine being at that point to where you say I'm done, I never again want to experience the joys of pregnancy and the excitement of laying my eyes on that sweet baby for the first time... of course, I only have 1 child and he is such an amazing little boy, so I just can't imagine not wanting another.

Speaking of my amazing little boy, he has found out how to get into the microwave! It was too tall for him, and he's been trying for quite awhile! Last night, while I was working, I got a picture message from my mom. Parker had climbed on top of his monster truck to reach the microwave, and was opening it! Seriously? I'm telling you, if he wants to do something, he WILL find a way to accomplish it!

Still going strong on the 17 day diet. I'm afraid to weigh, afraid I won't have lost anything even though everyone online says that is impossible. I was going to wait a week before weighing, but I'm not sure if I can, I'm dying to know! And believe me, if I haven't lost anything in a week I am going straight to Olive Garden!! haha. Seriously, though, I am.

Somehow we have so far bypassed this crazy blizzard and snow storm weather! I don't really know how, because we usually get it but thankfully all it did today was rain. Not even freezing rain (although it felt that way,) just plain old rain.

I'm really missing my friends lately. I really dislike winter. In every other season we meet for playdates and hang out and in the winter that happens MAYBE once a month! Luckily spring is just around the corner so hopefully we will be back into the full swing of things in no time.

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  1. That is too funny!! It never ceases to amaze me how they truly can and will figure out anything if they want something badly enough!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and your prayers for my little guy. He's doing'll be the happiest day to actually get his cast off though!! Love your blog!!


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