Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Carseat

Parker's Britax Boulevard 70 came in the mail today! I was so excited. It installed beautifully, the thing is not moving an inch! He seems to really like it, although he couldn't really care less what he is sitting in as long as he is getting to watch Beauty & The Beast haha. He really loves that movie, I am trying to find him Lion King somewhere because I know he would love it but it's in the vault right now.

New Blankey!

So sweet!
 I talked to his daycare today about switching him to the bigger class room and they left me less than hopeful. They said that the class he is supposed to be in is full, which is why he is in the baby room. So, until the class has an opening he has to stay in the baby room and continue to be unstimulated... I am considering calling the other daycare in town "Learn & Play" because they don't even have babies there so he would definitely be in a big kid class if they have openings. I don't know what to do, all I know is that he is not happy being surround by little crying babies with no one to play with. =(

I get to babysit Kollins tomorrow while Jami & Johnny take Kadence to the Doctor, I can't wait. Then I have to go to work at 3. The only day I get off this week is Friday, which is somewhat of a bummer but gotta love that money! I really need to stop buying though. I have saved up quite a bit for Florida already, and all my bills are paid, but still I have been spending a lot. I bought the Ergo Baby Options carrier the other day, I think it will be handy this summer and you can use on kids up to 40 lbs so it should last awhile. I also bought Parker a 4wheeler... I know, it's not his birthday or Christmas, but it's not fair because his birthday is in December so he doesn't get fun outside stuff to play with! Here's the pic of it...

I mean, doesn't that look like the most fun ever? I'm done though, no more buying stuff for awhile! I'm gonna save the rest of my money for... gas! Can you believe how much gas is now? $3.29 a gallon here, that is way too much. However, we keep on paying it so they might as well hike it up to $5.00 (I really hope that doesn't happen...)

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