Monday, February 21, 2011

Productive Day

Today was Presidents Productive Day. I am always so proud when my day is productive! Some most days I want to just cuddle on the couch with Parker, or go outside and play... today was a very rainy day, which usually leaves me less than motivated but somehow I was. I cleaned every room top to bottom; mopped, vacuumed, dusted, did all the laundry. Even picked up all of Parker's toys! I know, impressive. We also went to Wal-mart to get our grocery shopping done. That wasn't too fun to do in the rain, but it had to be done! I had everything done by 2, and had to be at work at 3 so I did get some cuddle time on the couch in. Parker was quite stumped by his toys being all arranged neatly...

Last night I got to babysit Kollins. Her mommy went to see Kadence, who got to come home today! Great news, I know! I also get to watch her on Wednesday when they take Kadence to her doctor appointment. I of course had to have a mini photo shoot with Kollins, although I can't wait to do one with Kadence included.

She also found her thumb! She was very very excited (her mommy was a thumb sucker, too)

Tomorrow I am going to reward myself for getting all my chores done (hehe) by doing absolutely nothing. Well, that's not really true, when you're a mommy you never get to do absolutely nothing... plus, I have to work at 3... but I will let myself watch The Bachelor, and that is definitely a reward.


  1. yay for having a productive day!!
    super cute pictures!! she is just precious :)


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