Saturday, February 19, 2011

My son's big enough to ride a Fourwheeler?

I enjoyed my two days off. I am not used to working 40 hours a week, and while the money is great I sure do miss my angel! It just makes my days off with him that much sweeter =). Thursday we played outside and went to Walmart, two of Parker's favorite things! Then Parker got to spend some time with his Pawpaw while I went to see Baby Kollins! I even got to feed her, she is so tiny. She had her Dr. appointment yesterday and she weighs 4 lbs 3 oz. We all love her so much, and can't wait until Kadence comes home. Here are a couple of pictures of Kollins from Thursday.

Thursday evening we went to meet Bethany and Carder at Garfields and then we walked around the mall. While I didn't really have any intentions of "shopping" I couldn't help but buy Parker some spring clothes (and the twins, too.) We got Carder & Parker matching outfits from Old Navy, complete with hat and all! They are adorable, will probably work for an Easter outfit, too. It was good catching up with Bethany, it's hard to see friends in the winter time because there isn't much to do around here.

Friday started out good... really didn't get bad until last night. We met some of our friends from our mommy group at the park. I am so nervous at the park this year because Parker can actually move! It has almost been a year since our first mommy group meeting, when our babies just laid there on the floor unable to do anything but look at each other. This year Parker wants to climb and run, and fall, and I'm worried the whole time. I guess that is what being a mom is all about. As you'll notice in the pictures, Parker isn't really his smiley self but he wasn't crying or anything like that so I figured he was just overwhelmed.

A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.
-- Anonymous

After the park, Parker got to have his first Fourwheeler ride. I was a little more than nervous, but he really liked it and didn't want to get off. He is all boy!

Hi mommy!

When we got home my dad came over and I went for a quick trip to see Kollins. After being there for a little bit, I get a call from my dad and he says that Parker just puked for 5 minutes. I rushed home, and there was puke like everywhere! Parker was in the bath so I ran everything down to the washer and cleaned the puke up. He got out of the bath, my dad walked into the kitchen and he started puking all over again. So I took him so I could at least hold him over the sink, it was so sad he was actually dry heaving and I felt horrible. After all that I cleaned him up and got him in his jammies and he didn't puke anymore. We watched Beauty & The Beast and I put him to bed around 10 and he even slept through the night. I feel bad because I'm working a 12 hour shift today (7-7) and he still doesn't feel great and always wants me when he's sick. He was even giving me kisses last night, and that is so very rare haha.

Please pray that Parker gets better, and even more importantly that we get to bring baby Kadence home soon. She is still in the incubator and they have started putting her under the bili light for her jaundice, I am really hoping she will get to come home next week. Thank you!

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