Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Days!

The past few days have been SO unbelievably busy! That's what happens when twins come into the family =)
I didn't even really talk about our Valentine's Day yet. Sunday Jared took Parker and I to O'Charley's for supper. Yummy!
And then we went to Target, and back home. Jared got me a Wii (and roses!) for Valentine's Day, I love it!

Monday I was at work. My mom called and said "You need to get someone to come in for you because they are taking the babies at 6:30 tonight!" Talk about freak out! Luckily my coworker, Brittany, stayed and worked so I could leave... she is amazing. I loved getting to see the babies but I was obviously worried that they were born early. Kollins (baby B) seemed to be fine, but Kadence (baby A) was having problems with fluid in her lungs. The next morning (yesterday) they decided they needed to get Kadence to a bigger hospital. While Jami (their mom) was getting to hold Kollins for the first time, Kadence was arriving in a hospital 2 hours away! We were able to go see both girls yesterday, and brought back pictures of Kadence for Jami and Kollins to have.

Here are some pics of Kollins.. 4 lbs 6 oz!

And here is Kadence, 6 lbs!

Today Kollins and Jami got to come home! Kadence and her daddy are still up at the big hospital, but hopefully they will be home soon! She is completely off of the oxygen now and is starting to eat really well! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!
Children are a gift from the Lord.
PSALM 127:3

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