Saturday, January 29, 2011

17 day diet

Me and my mom are starting the 17 day diet tomorrow. Heard of it? Probably, it's pretty popular right now. I'm not much on the idea of fad diets, but I don't believe this is one of them. Yes, it is popular right now, but it is a healthy, long term diet. We don't have the book yet, but her best friend does so we have the food list from her. Basically, you are getting lots of protein and very few carbs, almost no sugar. There are 4 different 17 day phases, so you don't get bored with eating the same stuff over and over again. After the 4th phase, you go back to the 1st phase. Seems pretty simple, but I'm not sure how I will do. I've never stayed with a diet for that long but Florida is right around the corner, right? My mom's friend lost 8 pounds in a week on this diet, and so did her niece... we are only going to weigh once a week, I might have to hide the scale haha.

Parker is almost 14 months old! How the months fly by! You don't actually believe that until they do, and all of a sudden your itty bitty baby is a big boy and doesn't want to cuddle with mommy nearly as much. Of course, that just makes cuddle time even more special, if that's possible.
Still rear facing, can you believe it? I didn't know if we would last this long, but we have. I mean, he was 20 lbs WAY before his first birthday, but he obviously doesn't mind, and it is so much safer. I had originally said I would keep him rear facing until he was 16 months old, but now I'm thinking 18 months sounds about right. The main reason being, we are going to Florida in June and I'd rather him be rear facing for that long trip. So maybe, if I'm brave enough, when we get back from Florida I will turn  him around. Actually, I might HAVE to turn him around at that point, because his seat only rear faces up to 33 lbs and he's at 27 right now!  


  1. I thought he had the cow print seat?

  2. He did, it got old pretty quick so we bought a different cover for it LOL


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