Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What do you do at Naptime?

I know a lot of my readers out there, if not all, are moms. SO what do you do during your LOs naptime? I TRY to clean while Parker naps because it is nearly impossible when he is awake. However, while Parker has taken TWO naps today (RARE) I have done little to no cleaning... His first nap, I watched my Glee Season 1 DVDs, now as he is taking his second nap I am blogging. Is my house a wreck? No. But there was a lot I wanted to get done today and I didn't, so that makes me feel a little like a failure. The other part of me says SO WHAT, you did what you wanted to do today.

I'm not sure I know how to be like super happy. Do you know what I mean? You see those people and you're like WOW, they are so happy. But are they really, or are they just good actors? I am happy, I have everything going for me right now. But I'm by no means elated, I always find myself wanting more out of life, but I'm not quite sure what that is...

June 11th. Thats the date we have set for our yearly Florida trip! I can't wait, I love it there it is truly beautiful all the time. When it's sunny, when it rains, when there are thunderstorms... it's just gorgeous. I would love to live there, but I never actually would. All my family is here, and even if I could stand being away from them I wouldn't put them through being away from us. But for that one week, I can dream, right? =)

My aunt's babyshower for the twins is Saturday. I am attempting to make a diaper cake for it! Not an easy task, but I'll post pics assuming it turns out good haha I got them the cutest little outfits from Sue's here in town the other day, and of course a few sets of headbands and bows! A little over a month and they will be here and we can't wait to meet them!!

Uh oh, nap time is over. So much for getting something done today haha


  1. I usually shower or clean or blog or just be lazy. Depends on the day. Today was a lazy day and I felt like a failure as well. I tell myself that we are entitled to days like this. Just as long as it's not every day. So I'll say that it's okay that I accomplished much of nothing today, if you say that about yourself as well. Deal?

    And if you find the answer to feeling that elated feeling in life, please share...because I'm on the hunt for it as well.

    Love you!

  2. I take a shower or get stuff done around the house. The last few days though I have joined him in his nap due to us not sleeping at night lol


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