Thursday, January 13, 2011

Splish Splash!

Is it just me, or is that one of the cutest collages you have ever seen? I recently upgraded to Picnik Premium, it was like $25 for a year and so worth it, I've been having a lot of fun! And it's sooo much easier than doing that sorta thing in Photoshop. He felt soo much better last night and had such a blast splashing in the bathtub.

Today was a pretty productive day, even though Parker took a 30 minute nap ALL day long. During that 30 minute nap, I rearranged the furniture in the living room and cleaned up a little. When Parker woke up I finished putting away all of our clothes from the million loads of laundry I did the other day. I cleaned the bathroom (BOO) and kitchen, and we of course played a lot. The steroid he is on must be helping because he was in a great mood for most of the day, until about 4 when he realized how exhausted he was from not taking a nap and then became a little grumpy.

Has anyone read "The Happiest Toddler on the Block"? I just started reading it, so I don't quite know what to think but so far he has compared my baby to a Neanderthol & a chimp... haha Well, if he can help me make my little monkey the happiest kid on the block I guess he can call him whatever he wants!I do like this one paragraph I read on page 102: "Many toddlers save their biggest misbehavior for their mothers! They wait to let down their long Neanderthal hair with their moms because you're who they feel safesty with. Consider it a primitive form of flattery." If nothing else, I think the book seems to be motivational.

Do you ever just laugh with your baby/child? We have silly little things we do all the time, and I laugh because he is truly funny! We do "nosy kisses" which always sparks laughter from him and that alone is enough to have me rolling! Today we were playing on the couch, talking really close to each other and he thought it was hilarious! I even snuck some pictures with my phone because he was so tickled he didn't even care!

These are the days, am I right?

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  1. These ARE the days! Enjoy each special moment. Love the splash collage and the pics of you both.


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