Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Twins

Before we know it, my Aunt's twin girls will be here. I am SO excited. My aunt is pretty close in age to me, we're only 7 years apart (she's actually the same age as my sister) so she's always felt more like a sister to me. My pregnancy was bittersweet because at the time, she was facing infertility. I didn't want to tell her, because I didn't know how it would affect her. I can't imagine being in that situation and finding out your niece was having a child when you had tried for so long. When I told her, she couldn't have been more supportive. She was so involved in my pregnancy, often stopping by and bringing me stuff and after Parker was born she always wanted to come see him. It was so special to me, because she put aside her own struggles and was truly happy for me.

This past summer, they started the process of IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization. What a long and painful process! I never imagined all she would have to go through, and as she was going through this they weren't even sure if it would be successful. Some people go through several rounds of IVF before having a successful pregnancy. They implanted 2 little eggs, and here we are, 34 1/2 weeks later anxiously awaiting 2 baby girls. They just now put her on modified bedrest, and she is showing signs of preeclampsia but nothing too serious yet. I had preeclampsia with Parker, and he was born at 36 weeks, so I wouldn't be too surprised if that's when they were born, too.

Here's some pics of their nursery.

They don't have the bedding put on the cribs yet, or the wall hangings up but I just love it. It makes it so real when the nursery is set up, and you can actually picture them laying in their cribs... I love that they will be born so close in age to Parker. We've already established that Parker will be their protector. Afterall, he will be a grade ahead of them in school and we live in a very small town so all the guys will know not to mess with them! I mean, have you seen Parker? I think he could beat up a 3 year old!

ALSO: Update on baby Cooper! I asked for prayers for baby Cooper HERE and they must've worked! He is doing MUCH better, breathing on his own and all. As soon as he starts eating better, they will be able to bring him home!

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