Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick Baby... and laundry day

So Parker is sick. Not the kind of puking, fever sick. He is sooo congested and has the most horrible little cough and a little bit of a runny nose. I am so careful to keep him from getting sick, but he was around my goddaughter the other day (who had the same symptoms) and has been sick ever since. On top of my clingy baby, I have about 6 or 7 loads of laundry to do. I'm not even kidding. I usually do really good with keeping up with the laundry but it's been SO cold and I have to walk downstairs outside to get to the laundry room so I have been highly unmotivated to do so. I figure I better do it before we run out of clothes (like that is even POSSIBLE for Parker)

How do you get rid of your child's clothing? I am thinking of just doing a yardsale this spring or something, I have totes and totes full of baby clothes of Parker... I do want to have other children, but who knows if they will be boys and if they are the clothes might not still be in style... yes, I dress my baby in style haha. It will be very hard to get rid of his clothes, but I don't have the room for all of them! I guess I'll just keep one tote full of my favorite clothes of his and sell the rest... =(

We went to McAlister's the other day, just me and Parker. I've never went out to eat with just the two of us, but it was sorta sweet. Like a Mommy-Parker date. =) He ate a pickle! Well, he sucked all of the juice out of it anyways. I hate pickles, so I can't really understand it but he thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Oh yeah, I'm also starting ZUMBA again. I go for the first time in a long time tonight. I remember the first time it kicked my butt and I'm sure it will again, but I'm ready. Florida is in FIVE months and I've got to get back to looking like this...

Okay, so maybe it is impossible to get back to THAT (no really, it's impossible, I have stretchmarks now lol But it's something to work for!

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  1. Well, I really want to start Zumba back up too. I just have to wait til I have this baby. :) I use to be tiny so I feel huge. I want to get close to what I was before I got pregnant with Aubrey which was like size 2. I doubt I get that small but I want to try. If you are still into it this fall I'll go with you. Oh and if I find out I'm having a boy, I may be interested in some of your clothes. I'm going to have a yardsale this spring too.


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