Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger

So last night, me and Jared went out to eat at Applebee's and to see "The Dilemma." If you're wanting a good laugh, go see this! I think I laughed for 90% of the movie! I love Vince Vaughn and Kevin James both, but even if I had never seen any of their movies I know I still would've enjoyed this one. The storyline? Vince's character finds out that Kevin's wife is cheating on him, and he is trying to figure out how/when/if he should tell him. While the movie is funny, that situation is not.

What would you do? My first reaction was Oh I would definitely tell my best friend if I found out her husband was cheating on her! You better believe it! But is that really what's best? I watch or record The Talk everyday, and they had this discussion on there. One of them stated that she would not ever tell her friend this, because she was in the situation before and told and she ended up being the bad guy. The friend blamed HER, and the couple went on with their lives. (Don't shoot the Messenger!) Also, you have to think twice if kids are involved. Do you really want to break up a marriage when they have a baby or child, is it really up to you to do that? However, if your friend found out on her own and then knew that you knew all along, would she really see you as a friend? All I can say, is I hope I'm never put in the position!!

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