Thursday, March 3, 2011

450 Wonderful Days with you...

Oh how my life has changed so much since you arrived 15 months ago. Every morning I wake up anxious to see your smiling face. I hear you talking in your room, sneak out of my bed quietly and peak in just to see what you're doing before I walk in. Usually you're just standing there, holding your blankey and talking up a storm. As soon as you look up and see me your eyes light up! You start jumping up and down and grabbing all of your blankeys and your stuffed animal so I can pick you all up. Your smile is absolutely contagious, I've never been much of  a morning person but you make it so much better.

You love to watch Beauty & The Beast or The Lion King when we get up, then we eat breakfast and play. If it's nice enough, we play outside and that is when you are your happiest. You are just naturally an outdoor person, and you never get tired of it. We usually eat lunch and then you take a nap. You are so good for me, I tell you it's time to go night-night, and you grab your blankey and are ready to go! After you wake up we usually do some more playing, and papa comes over to see you. I have never seen anybody as crazy about their papa as you... as soon as he walks in the door you start running in circles and laughing.

 Evening time we usually eat supper and settle down to a movie... usually the same ones I listed above, because they are your favorites and I love to make you happy. Watching you smile at different parts of your movies, or getting up to dance and laughing just makes my day perfect. When I tell you it's time for a bath you run down the hall screaming "Bath Bath BATH." You sure do love your baths, and usually mommy even puts bubbles in there for you. After your bath is snuggle time with mommy, probably my favorite time of night. You just sit on my lap with your blankey and drink you bottle and when you finish I take you down to your room. We always say our prayers, and you pay closely attention to every word mommy says so that when you're big enough you can say them with her. I give you big kisses and tell you how much I love you and let you drift off to dream land. :)

Happy 15 months baby boy. You are the one perfect thing in my life, and you help me daily to become a better person, and even more importantly, a better mommy.

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  1. A beautiful post :) totally brings me back and makes my ovaries hurt.... :)


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