Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

Happy Spring everyone! We have been having so much fun in this warm weather. I love it. I don't even think love describes how I feel when it's warm outside, I am a completely different person. We go on walks, hikes, to the park you name it. The other day we went to feed the ducks, which was fun for Parker last year but this year? A blast. He couldn't believe how great the ducks were and he loved watching them eat the bread, he was in awe.

Just seeing his smile of wonder was amazing. Our local park has a trail in the woods, so we decided to try out our new Ergo baby carrier. He also thought this was pretty neat, and I did too because it felt so much better than trying to carry him. He of course had to bring his night-night along, and superman.

And finally, I took pictures of him playing outside the other day in his new hat from Old Navy that I'm in love with. It's getting harder and harder to get him to take good pictures, he's too adventurous and has no fear. Not a bad thing, but not always a good thing either.

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