Monday, March 7, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Parker's first day of school. Well, preschool that is. I took him in and a few of the kids were still down for their nap, but they said it was about time for them to wake up so they went ahead and washed Parker's hands (too cute) then let him down to play. He seemed really excited, but a little bit confused when I left. I didn't want to drag it out so I just told him I was leaving and blew him and kiss and off I went. The bad part about this whole thing was he hadn't had a nap. Why not? Because he didn't wake up until 11:00. I'm not joking. He slept 15 hours last night, it was pretty amazing, I got up at 10 because I couldn't sleep anymore (what has become of me lol) but he stayed asleep til 11:00. So there was no way he was going to get a nap before school at 1:30. Also, he can not have a bottle there. I was a little shocked at this, and I'm sure he is too but maybe this will help us wean him off of the bottle... I hope.

They said he did pretty good, but he has about 20 minutes of being very sad. I'm not sure if he cried or what, my dad picked him up since I am at work, so I didn't get much out of him but I will be sure to ask tomorrow. They gave him his night-night and then he was fine. My dad said when he went to pick him up an older kid (about 3) was trying to love on Parker, so what does my innocent little baby do? He HIT him with a toy! One of the daycare ladies said she thought it was an accident, the other one said she didn't. I'm not sure if it was an "accident" but this is exactly why I put him in school, so that he can learn the appropriate way to play with other children.

After I dropped him off I went home, did my workout and took a shower. Then I went to work. I am so proud of myself for sticking with Weight Watchers AND my workout, but I am definitely sore. I'm ready for good weather so me and Parker can go jogging. I'm ready for my weigh-in on Wednesday, but still pretty nervous.

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