Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Terribles.

Why do they use the expression "The Terrible Twos"? In all reality, every age has terrible moments but I guess they think that the twos are the worst. I'm not so sure about that. I've always been around children, and for the most part at 2 they are pretty good, assuming they have learned to communicate well. Parker is in "The Terribles" right now, and I think it is because of his lack of communication. He doesn't talk. I know, he's only 15 months, but I'm SO used to being around children who talk early. My goddaughter could talk in full sentences at this age, no lie. Parker can say/express quite a few things. He tells me when he's "alllll done" and when he wants a bottle. He tells me when he wants a bite, or when he wants to go bye bye and he can shake his head yes or no. That's just about it.

Recently when we go places he gets very, VERY upset at random times. Usually it is because he wants me to let him go to roam around which usually is not a good idea. If I let him down for even a split second and go to pick him back up he arches his back and screams and won't let me pick him up. I'll tell you right now, my son is strong. If he doesn't want me to pick him up, it takes all the strength I have to do it. I have always taught Parker the appropriate way to behave in public, which some people may find silly, but he has always understood that we do not cry/throw fits/whine while we are out in public.

I think if he could speak it would help, just to tell me what he wants so I can, in turn, explain why he can't do it. I guess I will have to just be patient, and be stuck in The Terribles until then.

Bath time has been hilarious lately. He loves to "Swim" in the tub, and he will put his head under the faucet to let the water run over his head. Most people are shocked at this, but he has always been a big water baby we even took swimming lessons last summer and will probably take some this summer too.

The bubbles on his face are from putting his mouth in the water, he finds that hilarious. I got him some "Superman" pajamas the other day and they are so cute! He walks around in them with a strut, like he knows he is supposed to be superheroish in them. Of course, I'm sure Superman doesn't drink out of a bottle, but we will work on that... eventually.

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